Forthcoming Events

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Wednesday 21 November 6.30pm – Globe House, Junction of Bermondsey St and St Thomas St

First meeting of OBVNF’s ‘Conservation and Heritage’ working group


Draft leaflet of OBVNF’s questionnaire

Consider policy ideas for consultation and development towards inclusion in the Plan

Broad timetable for preparation of Neighbourhood Plan

Black Swan Yard Change of use from B1 to A3 use Planning Application

Southwark cycling and one way consultation leaflet

All welcome.

Wednesday 9 September 6.30pm – Globe House, Junction of Bermondsey St and St Thomas St

Open meeting and celebration

Over three years after we made our application the Council has finally conceded and granted our area a Neighbourhood Forum. The drawn-out application for the Old Bermondsey Village Neighbourhood Forum, OBVNF, has been led by BVAG since the beginning, shortly after the Localism Act came into Law in 2011. Finally the council granted the designation required to permit the construction of a neighbourhood plan last month.

We can now start to formulate some locally inspired planning policy that the Council are obliged to adopt – or put to a local referendum. At the meeting we will be discussing how BVAG can contribute to a Neighbourhood Plan to preserve the character of the Neighbourhood. We will also be reviewing how the Council’s own conservation policy has degenerated to farce – and what can be done to revive it in a Local plan.

All welcome.

Wednesday 18 February 6.30pm – Globe House

Neighbourhood Plan meeting

After almost three years we have arrived at what should be Southwark’s final hurdle before they are forced to determine our Neighbourhood Forum application .

We need tomorrow’s meeting to approve the revisions to our constitution, membership details and forum’ structure.

Also for discussion is the council’s New Southwark Plan and our representations on it.

All welcome.

Wednesday 11 February 6.00pm – Council offices, Tooley street

Neighbourhood Plan – Council Meeting

Ours is the only application put forward for the Council designated Bermondsey Neighbourhood area ‘A’. Even so, such is their determination to resist a genuine Community application that they cannot control, this meeting has been called in yet another bid to find grounds for obstructing it.

All requests to state the agenda and invitation list for tonight’s meeting have been ignored until this morning. Now the position has finally been slightly and grudgingly revealed at impossibly short notice, attendance of our supporters will be additionally welcomed.

Wednesday 17 December 6.30pm – Globe House


Christmas fare and seasonal festivity from 6.30pm. Join us for snacks, drinks, music and good cheer.
- and -
Pre-meeting for neighbourhood plan update, 5.30pm.

All welcome.

7pm Wednesday 12 November – Globe House, Junction of Bermondsey St and St Thomas St


The Localism Act of 2011 introduced rights for local communities to take some control over planning policy in their neighbourhoods. Nowhere is this more necessary than in the London Bridge/Bermondsey St area, where Southwark Council are embarked on a ‘regeneration’ programme’ with no regard to local community interests. They have stalled for three years and taken extreme measures to defeat the rights of local people to produce a community plan. Those measures do nevertheless release local people interested in producing a plan for their own neighbourhoods from the paralysis imposed by the years of tactical delay by the Council. But to move forward the community needs to make some collective decisions on how to progress to the next stage. This meeting is called by two applicants for designation as the appropriate Neighbourhood Forum: Bermondsey Neighbourhood Forum and BVAG for The St Thomas St Plan.

Both applicants – who have both been stalled by Southwark’s tactics – will be making decisions on how to proceed and who is to lead any new applications to the Council – which they will no longer be legally able to refuse. Any groups or individuals with an interest in securing some influence over the development of this area are also urged to attend.

Everyone will be welcome.

7pm Monday 20 October – Council Offices, Tooley St

Southwark Overview and Scrutiny Committee meeting

The latest tactic of the Council to keep us out of the planning process comes up for ‘overview and scrutiny’ on Monday evening. None of us are familiar with the process of the Committee but we are at least able to attend and register our distrust of the Council’s attitude to local planning. This will certainly be the first time that there has been any real opportunity for nominal decision makers to be made directly aware of quite how brazen is the Council’s obstruction of the localism process they are supposedly legally obliged to assist.

Please come along to support us if possible.

Wednesday 8th October 2014,  Globe House 6.30 pm,

Corner building at the Junction of Crucifix Lane and Bermondsey Street.

Neighbourhood Plan – Important meeting

We have invited the Head of Planning, Simon Bevan, and the community planning officer, Juliet Seymour as well as the ‘decision’ maker, Mark Williams. Juliet Seymour has accepted the invitation and will be present to answer questions. We are yet to hear from Messrs Bevan and Williams. Also invited is the Bermondsey Neighbourhood Forum (BNF) (at their last known email address) whose application has been used by Southwark Council to justify their decision. We have always challenged their entitlement to consider that application as valid on the grounds that there is no such properly constituted group as BNF.

If we are ever to see the neighbourhood plan for which we have been so long fighting we need your support on Wednesday.

Saturday 20th September 2014,  11am – 6pm,

During the Bermondsey street festival,  we will be at stall 5B

All welcome.

Wednesday 11 December 2013, 6.30pm, Globe House

Christmas Party

Come and join us for Christmas fare and seasonal festivity. Snacks, drink, music and good cheer (and anything else that any of our supporters can think of to add to the occasion).

All welcome.

Wednesday 16 October 2013, 6.30pm, Globe House

General meeting to discuss

Guest – Juliet Seymour, Planning Policy Manager for Southwark

Saturday 21st September 2013,  11am – 6pm,

During the Bermondsey street festival,  we will be at stall 5B

Wednesday 20 February 2013, 7.00pm – 9.00pm

Southwark Council, 160 Tooley Street, SE1 2QH

What Makes London Bridge and Bermondsey Special – You Tell Us!

Wednesday 5 September 2012, at 6.30pm

Globe House (the corner of Bermondsey St / Crucifix Ln)

At our next meeting, with or without the planners’ approval of our notation for publishing the policy, we shall aim to put in place a proposed height limit envelope for adoption as policy under the provisions of the Localism Act.

Meanwhile, individuals are urged to express their objections to the Guys proposal and the precedent it aims to establish for high-rise in the area.  The notified consultation [ended 15 Aug] but in practice representations can be made until the report to the planning committee is written ( anticipated 28 September).  A collective response from BVAG has been frustrated by non-cooperation from the planners on the question of policy being applied to the proposal and from Guy’s hospital in taking so long to reply to the comments we made at their presentation to us.  Then there are the Olympic and holiday effects. At the next meeting we will consider a group response. 

Wednesday 30 May 2012, at 6.30pm

Globe House (the corner of Bermondsey St / Crucifix Ln)

Guys Hospital will be giving a presentation on their proposed Cancer Care centre on Snowsfields. As proposed the building is of 14 floors and it is therefore of some significance as a precedent for the height treatment of our area.

Also Bermondsey Neighbourhood Forum will be unveiling a plan for Long Lane.

The St Thomas St Plan will also be in its next draft form and almost ready to be submitted to the Council.

The legal challenge to the destruction of Railway Heritage at London Bridge will also be moving towards an application to the Courts – update and discussion.


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